Suspension Agreement Sugar Mexico

Baking News said: “The judgments will maintain the original `suspension agreements` of 2014, which had the refined/crude blend of sugar imports from Mexico at 53%/47%, polarity for `other` sugars at 99.5 and reference prices for refined sugar at 26c per pound and for raw sugar at 22.25c per pound. Changes in 2017 adjusted the mix of gross refining imports to 30%/70%, reduced the polarity for “other” sugars to 99.2%, which allowed the polarity to be classified from 99.2 and above in the amendments as refined sugar) and increased the reference prices to 28°C for refined sugar and 23°C for raw sugar. Both sides of the sugar industry – sugar producers and sugar consumers – are currently reviewing the court`s decisions to assess the potential impact on U.S. sugar imports from Mexico and next steps. It was also unclear how the U.S. Department of Commerce would respond to the shutdowns. The court said the agreement was invalid because the Ministry of Commerce had not published all recordings of meetings related to the agreement. The D.O.C. published on November 6 draft amendments to the suspension agreements that would replace those identified by the Tribunal and accepts comments on the drafts before December 16, after which the new amendments are expected to be implemented shortly. The 2014 agreements provide for a review every five years, which the D.O.C.

had previously announced would begin in December of this year, while results were only expected in a few months. Commerce conducted this verification in accordance with Section 751(a)(1)(C) of the Act, which provides that commerce must “verify the current status and compliance with any agreement that has suspended an investigation.” and certain affiliated sugar mills of Grupo Azucarero Mexico S.A. de C.V. (together the GAM Group) and Start Printed Page 362140.74 per cent for all other Mexican manufacturers/exporters. In its final conclusion, Commerce stated that it “would not order CBP to suspend liquidation or recover cash deposits calculated on that amount, unless the AD suspension agreement is terminated and the Department makes an anti-dumping duty ruling” and, in that case, “it would order CBP to suspend liquidation and require a cash deposit equal to the weighted average amount whose normal value exceeds the American price”. Export subsidies. .