What Is A Sag Aftra Collective Bargaining Agreement

The SAG obligation is generally equal to the amount of the artists` estimated salaries for the first two weeks of production, plus the applicable SAG AFTRA pension and health contributions. Your SAG-AFTRA sales representative can provide a more specific deposit amount once you have started the signer process. This agreement also requires that residues be paid in accordance with the guidelines and subsequent tariff calculations of the basic agreement once the remaining requirements are met and payment must begin. Under the first global rule, SAG-AFTRA members are not allowed to work for a producer who has not entered into a minimum basic agreement with the union that is fully in force. This rule applies worldwide. [14] A few days later, on the 13th. In February 2016, SAG-AFTRA returned, adding that Telemundo had treated its employees as “second-class professionals” because many players do not receive the basic employment guarantees offered by SAG-AFTRA contracts, such as a fair wage, water breaks, health insurance and residual materials. At the time, Telemundo president Luis Silberwasser replied that SAG-AFTRA had called for the union to be recognised as a negotiator for workers – rather than seeking a voice from workers. However, SAG-AFTRA claimed that intimidation tactics have taken place within the network to prevent employees from unionizing, and that they believe that “there is no `fair vote` when workers are afraid for their careers and livelihoods and live with fear of reprisals when they are considered actively unionized.

SAG-AFTRA wants to ensure full protection of democracy in the workplace and the right of artists to vote through a truly fair process. [24] Residues are based on formulas that take into account, for example, the contract concluded each year, the time spent on production, the type of production and the market on which the product appears. .