Ferrari Fia Agreement

Red Bull`s Christian Horner said on the Austrian Grand Prix weekend that the deal was not with him: “What`s in this deal? What does it consist of because a car in our minds is, obviously, either legal or illegal? It is clear that issues have been raised with the FIA; The FIA said they would like to disclose this document, but of course they need permission from the other signatories, so there is obviously nothing else to do but promote suspicion when there are private agreements of legality and compliance, so the healthiest thing would be to get it on the table for everyone to see what it is made of. Mattia Binotto, head of Ferrari`s Formula 1, said the Maranello team will not release details of its controversial winter deal with the FIA as it would compromise the team`s intellectual property. But the FIA-Ferrari deal, which made Mercedes and Red Bull and not just that, also opens an important window into the present. Mattia Binotto did not hesitate to “postpone” the performance of the SF1000 (“I would give a score below 6”) to whip the team that, with Louis Camilleri, won a political match that will weigh heavily on the 2020 season. It is not surprising that the FIA reacted strongly to the statement of seven teams regarding the “deal” reached by the confederation with Ferrari and strongly defended its approach to the analysis they carried out on the engine of the Italian team and its decision to keep the agreement confidential. The FIA gave, on February 28 announced that it had completed an investigation into the Ferrari engine in 2019 and that it had “reached an agreement with the team” and that “the details of the agreement between the parties will remain in place”, without retroactive penalty. The Formula 1 umbrella organization faced the threat of legal action by seven teams. They made a joint statement on Wednesday calling for clarification of a confidential agreement reached by the FIA with Ferrari following an investigation into the legality of the team`s engine last season. A highly confidential agreement, the contents of which will remain secret outside the parties, was signed after the International Federation authorized the end of the investigation into the jumping horse unit. The criminals claim that the clean-up was used to cover a controversial and questionable phase of last year. “This type of agreement is a legal instrument recognised as an essential part of any disciplinary system, used by many authorities and other sports federations to deal with disputes.